Somebody once said, clients bring their readings. It's true! Once I receive the psychic download, I reveal whatever is most important for the client in that slice in time. The psychic puzzle pieces appear, I explain what I feel, see, and hear, and we go from there. Readings are always for the purpose of healing, growing, and learning. Essentially, it is healing with words.

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Energy Work

All injury, illness, and disease begin with energy. No ailment can arise without the energetic imprint. Energy transforms into the physical. Thought precedes form. It is inherent, therefore, we clear the energy field to remove old debris and fill the aura/body with vibrant, rejuvenating energy. It's like an oil change. First, remove the old oil before adding the new oil. During an energy session, I am reading what is necessary to be healed. It may be physical, but is often emotional or spiritual.

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Holistic Consultations

Some ailments are already well-rooted into physical form, so energy work is not enough. In this consultation, I wear my Certified Herbalist hat, and we walk together discovering what needs to be altered to make the client physically healthy again. The proper diet and supplementation can turn discomfort into delight. Choose the top two health concerns for the initial consultation.

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My Practice

I am a spiritual counselor infused with holistic roots in mind-body-spirit needs. Clients seek me out for the purpose of psychic readings and energy work, but will often reach-out for support with diet and supplementation. I'm known for empowering my clients, providing tools for happiness and health. What usually happens is that a client seeks me for a purpose, I earn their trust and respect, but the relationship does not end. Instead, their experience is often so meaningful that their extended families are now consulting with me. What makes me appealing is that I am called to this work; I am inherently gifted AND trained. I take your needs very seriously.

Unlike the young Harry Potter we see early in the series, who produces magic haphazardly, I've been through my version of Hogwarts School. A decade ago, I trained over a year fine-tuning energy work and medical intuition via the Sufi tradition. The psychic, and by default, mediumship skills, have been sharpened through a two-year school in Lily Dale, NY. Soon I will be an ordained minister in the Spiritualist Church. Expect to be treated with both non-judgment and compassion, and all readings are confidential - always!

I also have a love for dream interpretation. Check out the videos from Fox 8, New Day Cleveland and WKYC, Channel 3 in Cleveland where I analyze viewers' dreams and discuss dream symbology.

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